Reverse warrior is a great side body opener and balance challenge!

Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose: Reverse Warrior

Difficulty level: Easy


    • Opens the side of the body
    • Strengthens the groins, hips, thighs
    • Improves balance
    • Increases stamina

Begin in Warrior 2.  Press down equally in your front big toe ball mound and the pinky edge of your back foot.  With shoulder blades drawn onto the back, inhale and rotate your front palm skyward.

Moving behind your exhale, draw your front arm up and over your head (as though reaching for a wall behind you) as your back arm slides down your back leg with fingertips towards your ankle.  Float the back arm just above your back leg, resisting the urge to deepen the stretch by pressing on your back leg.

Be certain to maintain stillness in the lower body as you move the upper body.

Hold this pose for 2 – 3 breaths, then return to Warrior 2 on an exhale.


*Bend the back elbow.  Reach behind your back (palm out).  Rotate the back hand at the wrist and press your palm and fingers towards your front thigh.  This variation will introduce a nice shoulder opener to the pose.

*To increase the balance challenge:  Close your eyes and maintain stability in the pose.  With an inhale (keeping eyes closed), press into the front foot and straighten your front leg.  Exhale and bend back into your Warrior 2 legs.  Flow this way for 2 – 3 breaths.

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