Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose: Low Lunge (Knee Down, Assisted, and Assisted with Back Knee Up)

Difficulty level: Easy


  • Stretches the thighs and groin
  • Strengthens the legs
  • Can relieve pain in the low back
  • Opens the chest and shoulders

The illustration above shows the final version of the poses discussed here:  Assisted Low Lunge, Back Knee Up.  Let’s build it step by step:

Begin in Down Dog .  Inhale, draw your right knee high into your abdomen, then exhale and place your right foot in between your hands on the mat.  Stack your right knee over your right ankle, then gently slide your left leg slightly back on the mat.  Tuck your left toes on the mat.  Inhale, roll the shoulder blades onto your back, lift your gaze and extend your spine long.   Hold this pose for 2 – 3 breaths.

Students are often either not comfortable reaching the floor in this position, or are unable to draw the shoulder blades onto the back.  To allow more freedom in the pose and add more chest opening, place bricks on the outside of each foot.  Spin the bricks to the height needed to allow freedom through the shoulders and hips.  Press your hands firmly into the blocks and lift your gaze and chest slightly higher.  Press out through the crown of the head extending the spine.  Isometrically pull the back knee and the front foot towards each other on the mat.  Hold this pose for 2 – 3 breaths.

To deepen the stretch and build strength in the legs, press through the left heel and lift the back of the left thigh towards the sky, straightening the extended leg.  Continue to scissor the legs towards each other as you press your hips toward the mat, deepening the lunge. Lift from the pelvis through the crown of the head as you press your hands onto the blocks.

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