Happy Baby gently opens up your hips and low back~bonus, it’s just plain fun to do!

Yoga Pose: Happy Baby (Ananda Balasana)

Difficulty level: Easy/Moderate


  • Calms the mind
  • Opens the hips and low back

Begin by laying supine (on your back), grounding evenly through both shoulders and hips.  Draw your left knee into your chest and grasp the shin with both hands.  Inhale and as you draw your left knee into your chest, flex both feet while pressing the right hip, hamstrings and heel into the ground.  Gently switch sides, pulling your right knee and stretching through your left leg.

Inhale as you draw both knees on either side of your ribs.  Flex your feet and stack your ankles over your knees.  Thread your hands to the inside of your knees, then to the outside of your feet.  Gently grasp the outer edge of the feet and draw your feet towards the ground.

As you hold this position, press through the sacrum (low back), pressing the back towards the mat.

For a nice backrub, gently rock side to side in this position!

Accessibility Tip:

If it is difficult to grasp the feet, bend your extended leg and place the sole of your foot on the floor.  Then proceed one leg at a time through Happy Baby.

Additionally, you may choose to place a strap over the arch of each foot to allow you to grasp the strap (rather than the foot).


If your neck arches away from the mat or if you feel excessive pulling through your shoulders when reaching towards your feet, place a block, bolster, or rolled blankets under your head to relieve any tension in the neck.