Relieve back pain and abdominal issues while opening your shoulders and calming your mind with Easy Supine Twist.

Yoga Pose: Easy Supine Twist (Jathara Parivartanasana)

Difficulty level: Easy


  • Calms the mind
  • Improves digestion by massaging abdominal region
  • Strengthens back
  • Relieves back pain
  • Can minimize pain from abdominal issues

Begin in in Corpse Pose, lying on the ground.  Draw your arms to cactus pose, pressing your fingernails into the mat and relaxing your wrists.  Bend your knees, bringing the soles of your feet to stand on the mat, mat distance apart.  Inhale through your nose; exhale fully.

Inhale, then exhale your your knees off to one side, drawing your belly button in towards your spine and pressing your spine towards the mat to tone your abdominal muscles.

Only allow the knees to descend as far as you are able to keep both shoulders on the ground, sending knees away from the chest towards the mat.  With each breath, inhale, press your shoulders down firmly.  Exhale, press knees further towards the mat.

Take 3 – 5 breaths in this pose.  On an inhale, draw knees back to the center of the mat.  Press evenly through both hips, then repeat on the opposite side of the body.


For a gentler version of this twist, keep the legs close together throughout the twist or insert a block in between the thighs.  Squeeze the block to engage the legs to assist in this twist.

If the shoulder opener is too intense, place a small prop (pillow, blanket, block) under the back of each hand.  Or you may choose to extend arms to a T from the shoulders, palms down on the mat.