December Daily Tip #23

2017-12-23T09:51:53-06:00December 23rd, 2017|Health, Weight Loss, Wellness|

December Daily Tip #23 Alternate with Alcohol. Limit alcohol by alternating glasses of water (or other non-caloric beverages) with alcoholic beverages.  You'll save calories and stave off the snacking that often accompanies alcohol~and possibly even save yourself from a hangover!  Alcohol consumption interferes with water balance in the body, leading to that sluggish hangover [...]

December Daily Tip #16

2017-12-16T09:26:59-06:00December 16th, 2017|Food, Health, Weight Loss, Wellness|

December Daily Tip #16 Choose smaller serving plates. As our typical plate size has increased over the years, so have our portion sizes.  Whether at home or at a holiday buffet, choosing smaller serving plates is another way to visually "trick" yourself into eating smaller portions. Notice how the exact same portion sizes look different [...]

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