Yoga Pose: Cat/Cow

2018-01-08T16:54:23-06:00January 8th, 2018|Fitness, Health, Weight Loss, Wellness, Yoga|

Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose:  Cat/Cow Whether you're a regular yoga practitioner or brand-new to yoga, this is a great set of poses to bring awareness and flexibility to your spine. Difficulty level: Easy Benefits: Strengthens, stretches and releases tension in the spine Increases flexibility and circulation Massages abdominal organs Begin on hands and knees with [...]

December Daily Tip #30

2017-12-29T16:43:50-06:00December 30th, 2017|Food, Health, Weight Loss, Wellness|

December Daily Tip #30~Eat the Rainbow! Plan your meals and snacks around your veggies instead of your protein.  Serve multiple veggies with a wide variety of colors or feature a special veggie to encourage you to eat more vegetables~increasing your feelings of fullness and your nutrition without ridiculously upping your calories.  If you'd like more [...]

December Daily Tip #28

2017-12-27T11:26:54-06:00December 28th, 2017|Health, Weight Loss, Wellness|

December Daily Tip #28--Nail Portion Cues Even if you've been choosing healthfully and continuing to move this month, you may still be noticing some creep in the scales.  Frustrating, right?  The reason may be as simple as small increases in portion sizes routinely entering your menus.  Use your hands to help keep portion sizes [...]

December Daily Tip #26-Remember Those “Forgotten” Sugars

2017-12-27T11:27:40-06:00December 26th, 2017|Health, Weight Loss, Wellness|

December Daily Tip #26--Remember Those "Forgotten" Sugars! You're watching out for those hidden sugars and being mindful about natural sugars, but...what about those "forgotten" sugars?  You know, the ones you consume every day without even thinking about them?  From adding sweeteners to your coffee or tea to the soda you rely on to jumpstart [...]

December Daily Tip #25–Let Your Anchor Help Keep You Afloat!

2017-12-25T10:48:04-06:00December 25th, 2017|Health, Weight Loss, Wellness|

December Daily Tip #25--Let Your Anchor Help Keep You Afloat! For many of us today, December 25th, is the food culmination of the holiday season.  We've been learning about and incorporating healthy tips all month, and we want to enjoy today without undoing all of those small successes, right?   One very important tool for many [...]

December Daily Tip #24

2017-12-24T16:27:13-06:00December 24th, 2017|Health, Weight Loss, Wellness|

December Daily Tip #24 Be a Food Snob! Make the abundance of holiday foods surrounding you work FOR you instead of against you.  Coach Sandy Smith discusses how your inner food critic can help you stay on plan in this video. Need even more healthy holiday eating tips?  Grab your  FREE guide to Healthy, [...]

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