Where Should I Begin?

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Where Should I Begin?By Sandy Smith, Weight Loss and Wellness CoachBy the time most women begin to work with me as their Weight Loss Coach, they have usually tried so many programs and fads that their head is spinning.  As a result, worried that this will be “just one more” time they tried and “failed”, [...]

Easy Steps to SUCCESS!

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I did it.  It’s a rite of Spring in Chicago, and last weekend I did it!  I ditched the tights or hose and went bare legged with a dress.  I was getting ready for church, and I have to admit, that seemed like A LOT of bare skin staring back at me! Did the [...]

How Do I Love Thee (Me)?


Ah, February.   It's been a month for showering those you love with your attention and affection.  A time to step outside of your normal day to day routine to ensure that those who make your life rich and happy KNOW that they make your life special. Who did you make certain to include in your [...]

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! The final tip for December is to think about what will really make it a Happy New Year for you.  Our lives are made up of a series of small, seemingly inconsequential choices that create patterns and results.  Are your choices working for you?  May your choices be Many, Merry, and Mindful! [...]

December Daily Tips #28–To Thine Own Self Be True

2017-02-26T17:01:29-06:00Weight Loss|

December Daily Tips #28--To Thine Own Self Be True One of the most common reasons for lack of success on any weight loss plan is...lack of adherence to the plan!  Seriously, there are thousands of plans out there that will help you lose weight and get your fitness goals back on track--if you will follow [...]

December Daily Tip #25–Anchors Aweigh!

2017-02-26T17:02:16-06:00Weight Loss|

December Daily Tip #25--Anchors Aweigh! For many of us today, December 25th, is the food culmination of the holiday season.  We've been learning about and incorporating healthy tips all month, and we want to enjoy today without undoing all of those small successes, right?   One very important tool for many clients is their anchor.  An anchor [...]

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