Protein Balls

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This recipe, originally from Arbonne, is a staple for healthier snacking in our house. Protein Balls 2 Cups Almond Butter (I use Justin's Classic Almond Butter)1 3/4 Cups Agave Syrup2 1/2 Cups Protein Powder (I like Arbonne, and use 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate )3 Cups Rolled Oats (I prefer Bob's [...]

Pushing Back on Food Pushers

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We all have them in our lives: people who, for one reason or another, try to guilt, wheedle, or cajole us into eating more. Weight Loss Coaches Sandy Smith and Stacey Portugal share how to keep the peace while keeping your intentions (and sanity) intact.

2 Quick Tips for Getting Back on Track

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Everyone’s weight loss/maintenance journey has its’ ups and downs.  When you’ve been more “off plan” than “on plan” , here are 2 Quick Tips from Weight Loss Coaches Sandy Smith and Stacey Portugal to help you refocus and get back to plan.

Where Should I Begin?

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Where Should I Begin?By Sandy Smith, Weight Loss and Wellness CoachBy the time most women begin to work with me as their Weight Loss Coach, they have usually tried so many programs and fads that their head is spinning.  As a result, worried that this will be “just one more” time they tried and “failed”, [...]

Vacation “on plan” is not an Oxymoron

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YOU CAN enjoy your vacation AND stay on plan!  If topics like this interest you then follow Kick It Up Coaching on Facebook for more weight loss videos.

Easy Steps to SUCCESS!

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I did it.  It’s a rite of Spring in Chicago, and last weekend I did it!  I ditched the tights or hose and went bare legged with a dress.  I was getting ready for church, and I have to admit, that seemed like A LOT of bare skin staring back at me! Did the [...]

You CAN Master a Healthy Lifestyle!!

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You CAN Master a Healthy Lifestyle!! Please join Coaches Stacey Portugal and Sandy Smith for group coaching that explores various topics each month. For the month of April we will be discussing: Basic Skills of Weight Loss Midlife Setbacks Hot Topics such as leaky gut, inflammation etc Dealing with Temptation Group coaching is affordable, [...]

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