Where Should I Begin?

2019-07-03T07:25:56-05:00Weight Loss|

Where Should I Begin?By Sandy Smith, Weight Loss and Wellness CoachBy the time most women begin to work with me as their Weight Loss Coach, they have usually tried so many programs and fads that their head is spinning.  As a result, worried that this will be “just one more” time they tried and “failed”, [...]

You CAN Master a Healthy Lifestyle!!

2017-05-11T08:04:16-05:00Weight Loss|

You CAN Master a Healthy Lifestyle!! Please join Coaches Stacey Portugal and Sandy Smith for group coaching that explores various topics each month. For the month of April we will be discussing: Basic Skills of Weight Loss Midlife Setbacks Hot Topics such as leaky gut, inflammation etc Dealing with Temptation Group coaching is affordable, [...]

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