What real clients say about working with Sandy.

“At the age of 61, I lacked energy and my weight was gradually increasing although it was still within the normal range. I exercise and eat fairly healthy but nothing seemed to be working…I was stuck. Thus, in Spring 2019, it was time to make a change and reassure myself that it was ok to ask for help. Thus, I started working with Sandy Smith at Kick It Up Coaching. The first activity was to complete a comprehensive and confidential health and nutritional assessment. This served as the foundation for the establishment of goals. Sandy provided a free one-hour phone consultation in which we reviewed my responses and created a plan together. My preliminary goals were to increase my energy, improve sleep, and lose 10 pounds.
Sandy worked with me on a weekly basis over the phone so it was easy and convenient to schedule appointments around my work and travel. Furthermore, it was inexpensive in comparison to other life coaches. Within weeks I began to see results but more importantly my goals were becoming a reality. For example, my grocery shopping habits became mindful and focused on fresh, clean, and organic whenever possible. Shopping for fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean meats became quite easy and fun. She also provided me with dozens of recipe ideas especially, to quench my craving for sugary and salty snacks. Furthermore, during our consultations we discussed balanced exercise and positive mantras/thoughts for the week. Sandy helped to keep me on track but more importantly guide me in a transformation of mind, body, and spirit. Food became fuel that was packed with nutrients which resulted in increased energy and restful sleep.
Today, I continue to practice mindful eating, sleep better, and my weight is down by 18 pounds. While my weekly consultation with Sandy is complete I know she is just a phone call away. I strongly recommend Sandy if you are ready for lasting change.”

Elizabeth Ritt – Kildeer, IL

Elizabeth R, client from Barrington IL
Laura G, client from Barrington IL

“Just really want to say this Thanksgiving Eve that I’m very grateful for your coaching this past year.  ? I wouldn’t be feeling good & approaching Onederland today without you’re support. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.? ”

Laura G. – Barrington, IL

“Sandy Smith is a fabulous coach. She is a careful listener and a great resource. She understands the complex nature of well-being and takes the time to help you sort out contributing factors that may be getting in your way of living a healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend her.”

Kristin Chmela – Hawthorne Woods, IL

Kristin Chmela, client from Hawthorne Woods IL
Pam Schwartz, from Deerfield IL

Pam Schwartz – Deerfield, IL

“I was on a roller coaster with my weight for years. Last year I decided to re-vamp myself from the inside out. I had started with my Doctor’s nutritionist, and although it did help me take off the first 30 lbs, I needed to go further. I approached Sandy who I knew was coaching people for weight loss, and I already had a really good rapport with her from our business relationship. Once I started working with her regularly, I knew it was her specialty – her niche. She is a good listener, and it feels to me that she presents ideas not in a generic or one-size-fits-all way, but based on what she hears from her client. She helped me work through not just losing the weight but what triggers made me gain the weight in the first place, and eventually how to keep the mindset so the weight will not creep back in. Now that I’m at my ‘goal’ weight (down 59 lbs!), I choose to still meet with her monthly to stay on track. I am not a big fan of group meetings and really appreciate the one-on-one opportunity and so glad that Sandy is my coach. I have and continue to refer others to her. Throughout the process, she inspired me and always pushed me just enough. Thank you Sandy!”

Kathy Simonik – Barrington, IL

Cathy M, client from Kildeer IL
Cathy M, client from Kildeer IL

“I highly recommend Sandy Smith as a Healthy Lifestyle Coach. Sandy successfully provided weekly coaching to myself and other employees I work with participating in the Weight Watcher’s At Work program. Sandy always went above and beyond what was expected from her especially in the areas of confidentiality, communications and individualized member attention. She would reach out to those who were struggling with weight loss or the program to find alternative individualized solutions for weight management success.”


“(Coaching) helped me in so many ways. Coaching helped me realize that my struggles and lack of confidence in some areas of my life were not because of my weight, but because I had forgotten to enjoy life and to emotionally take care of myself. Coaching taught me that I can be in control of all of my decisions and actions. It taught me that no matter how busy I think I am I can make time for the things I love. It taught me that I can’t live my life trying to please everyone because eventually I will wear myself out. It taught me to enjoy the moment and to enjoy life to the fullest. And most importantly it taught me that being sad and disappointed is okay, but only I can choose if I stay in that or not. I realized that my real goal was not to lose weight but to learn to be in control. When I cook, I am able to make conscious decisions about what I eat. When I go out, I feel empowered to make my own portions and to get my meal the way I want it and not simply take things as is. And I learned that bucket lists are not just an imaginary list of things that we hope to do someday but that it can actually be a way of life. I always wanted to grow up and be able to talk about my great life but I was not living that way. Coaching taught me all of this and more. The journey was amazing.”

Fernie Rivera – Evanston, IL

Cathy M, client from Kildeer IL
Cathy M, client from Kildeer IL

“Sandy Smith is a warm, compassionate and caring coach/leader who helped me achieve my weight loss goal 5 1/2 years ago. Her smiling face and voice along with her personal advice plus encouragement helped me reach my goal. I knew that I could always count on Sandy to give me that extra boost whenever a bump was in the road. One thing for sure, Sandy was and still is there for my journey of a healthy lifestyle and for that I thank her.”

Nancy Roto – Deer Park, IL

“Coaching is a really unique way to help achieve your goals. Coaching helps give you the mental tools to examine your life and figure out a way to reach your goals inside of a manageable lifestyle. I am an engineering Master’s student in college with tons of extracurricular activities going on as well, so I don’t have a lot of spare time. Coaching helped me find ways to strive towards my goals within my busy schedule in a way that made sense. Probably the most important thing: coaching helped me look at my life and come to the correct decisions on how to achieve my goals. I went into coaching expecting to achieve physical goals. Instead, through coaching, I went through a more encompassing personal growth. I was equipped with tools; mental, physical, spiritual, organizational, etc., that will allow me to be a better person overall and continue striving toward goals in all parts of my life; not just physical.”

Nick Smith – Planto, TX

Nick Smith, client from Plano TX
Cathy M, client from Kildeer IL

“I consider myself very fortunate to have been on the receiving end of Sandy’s deep concern and sympathy when desired, her fist pumping support, encouragement and excitement when appropriate and definitely her straightforward candor when needed.”

Cathy M. – Kildeer, IL

“Sandy is a great health coach. She is very knowledgeable and offers resources readily. She is great at collaborating with her client in finding the best way for them to reach their goals. She listens well, & is very encouraging, celebrating all of her client’s success. Her approach of making lifestyle changes rather than drastic, un-sustainable changes resonated with me and I’m thankful to have worked with her!”

J. Hall – Vancouver, Canada

Cathy M, client from Kildeer IL