“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ~ Mark Twain


One of my goals has been to begin working on this blog, but I thought I’d wait until the perfect time to start…so I was never getting to my goal of creating another way to reach out to clients and members. Is your “start” on your healthy lifestyle stalled in the same fashion? Waiting for the perfect time—when there are less conflicts, less demands on your time, less (or more, you fill in the space here with what is stalling you out and keeping you stuck!)?

Well, guess what? There will NEVER be a “perfect” time to begin except NOW! That’s right, the best time to start is RIGHT NOW. Nothing earth shattering, nothing requiring inordinate amounts of time or money. Start small—with one little thing you can do today that your body will thank you for tomorrow. Don’t worry; we’ll add on to those “little things” over time so they add up and make a HUGE impact on your life, your health, and your outlook!

Now, isn’t that easy?!? So, let’s get started!