Beth’s Cafe in Seattle is known for their amazing Legendary Omelettes…

Kent and I are having a wonderful trip visiting Seattle!  Seattle is an amazing city with wonderful views, food, wine, unique entertainment~and most importantly (IMHO), Seattle is the home of our son, Jordan, and his fiancee, Whitney.  The wedding is only a couple of months away, so while we want to completely enjoy all Seattle has to offer, I also want to feel fabulous in my dress for the wedding!  This is where mental flexibility is one of the most important habits for healthy living.

Beth’s Cafe was on the list as one of the local spots with great food to try (and they didn’t disappoint).  Known for their Legendary Omelettes, and knowing that an omelette is often a great choice for breakfast, I was set to go.  I have to admit that my heart dropped when I saw that a SMALL omelette was made with 6 eggs and came with unlimited hash browns!

Sound familiar?  You think you’re prepared, even for eating out, but then discover that you need to make a choice….

I’d been on the elliptical and finished with some yoga to stretch out and cool down, so started well.  Knowing I was on vacation, I could simply “check out” and order whatever sounded good.  Using Mental Flexibility allowed me to enjoy my breakfast, splurge a bit (I HAD worked out, after all!), and enjoy the local cuisine.  So what would you do?

Did you notice the (small) upcharge to share the plate?  Many restaurants will allow you to share entrees~Beth’s even still includes the unlimited hash browns!  This can actually be a great deal, both for your wallet and your waist.  On this particular morning, my husband really wanted his own breakfast.  Yep, those of you who follow me know Kent loves his oatmeal!  So, further down the menu I was able to build my own omelette with 3 eggs and lots of veggies.  Included with this menu option was Amish Bread, another specialty of Beth’s.  I enjoyed a few bits and took the rest back to the hotel to enjoy another time.

For me, Mental Flexibility changed breakfast from a frustrating experience that could have led to a completely off the hook day (“I’ll start tomorrow” kind of day) to a fun, filling, “not a problem at all” kind of breakfast!

How can you use Mental Flexibility to flip the script to help you succeed today?