Ah, February.   It’s been a month for showering those you love with your attention and affection.  A time to step outside of your normal day to day routine to ensure that those who make your life rich and happy KNOW that they make your life special.

Who did you make certain to include in your celebrations?

A spouse, children, friends, yourself?

Wait, what?!

Yes, I asked if you included yourself in those celebrations!  

At the very foundation of a healthy lifestyle is self-care and self-love.  Wanting the very best for yourself, nurturing your heart and soul so that you can “show up” in your life in the way you desire.


I invite you to step back and take a look at how you are nurturing yourself today.  Understand, believe, and embrace the concept that only you are responsible for your happiness, your health, and your life. Knowing this, what areas could use some attention?

Ask yourself:

*Do I get enough sleep?  Deep, regular sleep is the basis for a healthy body and positive outlook.

*Do I ensure that my body has the nutritional support it needs to function optimally throughout my day, while allowing for splurges?  Changing our view of food to focus on nurturing our body–much like filling up our cars’ gas tanks-can change our attitude and success in enjoying healthy, nourishing food.  Allowing for splurges ensures that this healthy lifestyle is just that–a lifestyle, and not a diet.

*Do I spend my time each day in a a pursuit (job, career, caregiver) in ways that engage and challenge me?  Clients who are happy with their lives generally are able to translate the life skills they have used to build their purpose-driven lives into their health journeys, allowing them to be as successful in this aspect of their life as in other areas.

*Do I have hobbies or passions separate from my life’s work that I engage in regularly?  Recognizing that our passions unlock our promise and happiness, we need to ensure that we take the time to incorporate those passions in ways big and small into our lives.

*Do I have a network of family and friends surrounding me?  The old saying “no man (woman) is an island” is so true…when we share our goals and dreams with those we care about, we are more likely to follow through and more likely to succeed.

Ideally, your answers will reflect a healthy, well-balanced life.  If you have had a feeling of emptiness, aimlessness, or feeling stuck, chances are your answers reflected the area where you want to direct your attention.  

For Valentine’s Day you probably focused on those around you.  

Now it’s your turn.

Are you looking for someone to walk the journey with you, to challenge you and cheer you on?  That is the heart of Personal Coaching–let’s connect and create the path for you to Kick Up your health, happiness and enjoyment in life.

Wishing you all that life has to offer!

Sandy Smith


The Kick It Up Coach




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