Yoga Pose: Extended Boat Pose (Urdhva Mukha Pashimattanasana)

2018-10-29T18:57:37-05:00October 12th, 2018|Fitness, Yoga|

Have fun balancing with this playful version of a wide-legged Boat Pose! Yoga Pose:  Wide Legged Boat Pose Difficulty level: Easy Benefits Tones abdominal muscles Strengthens hip flexors Opens the chest Lengthens the spine Over the last few weeks we've built a seated series that strengthens the abdominal muscles and [...]

Yoga Pose: Supta Hasta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose)

2018-10-08T11:27:16-05:00October 8th, 2018|Fitness, Yoga|

Your aching back and tight hips or hamstrings will thank you for Reclining Big Toe Pose! Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose: Reclining Big Toe Pose (Supta Hasta Padangusthasana) Difficulty level: Easy Benefits Stretches the hips, hamstrings, groins, thighs and IT band Strengthens the hips, hamstrings, groins, and thighs Encourages a wide range [...]

Yoga Pose: Lizard Lunge

2018-09-10T11:35:39-05:00September 10th, 2018|Fitness, Yoga|

Lizard Lunge is a great hip opener that can be modified for all yogis~whether you need to increase accessibility or increase the challenge! Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose: Lizard Lunge Difficulty level: Easy to Medium Benefits Stretches and opens the hip flexors, quadriceps and hamstrings Encourages a full range of motion in [...]

Yoga Pose: Three Legged Dog

2018-08-13T17:38:16-05:00August 13th, 2018|Fitness, Yoga|

Use Three-Legged Dog to build upper body strength while enjoying side body lengthening. Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose: Three Legged Dog Difficulty level: Easy to Medium Benefits Lengthens the side body Opens the hamstrings Strengthens the hands, shoulders, and will Adds a twist to stimulate abdominal organs Three-legged dog is often used [...]

Yoga Pose: Supported Pyramid (Parsvottanasana)

2018-08-06T14:42:25-05:00August 6th, 2018|Fitness, Yoga|

Open up with Supported Parsvottanasana (Pyramid Pose)! Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose: Supported Pyramid Difficulty level: Easy Benefits Strengthens and opens the ankles, knees, thighs Stretches the calves, hamstrings, hips, spine, shoulders, chest Stimulates abdominal organs, improving digestion Begin in Warrior 1  with your right leg in front and with blocks in [...]

Yoga Pose: Easy Seated Twist

2018-07-23T18:54:25-05:00July 23rd, 2018|Fitness, Yoga|

Easy Seated Twist:  Little move, big benefits. Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose: Easy Seated Twist Difficulty level: Easy Benefits Opens the ankles, knees, hips, chest, shoulders Strengthens the spine Stimulates abdominal organs, improving digestion Twists have great benefits (see above)!  Don't let the "Easy" in the title fool you, though.  Generally in [...]

Yoga Pose: Head to Knee Forward Fold (Janu Sirsasasana)

2018-07-02T11:07:17-05:00July 2nd, 2018|Fitness, Yoga|

Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee Forward Fold) opens your hamstrings, strengthens and stretches the low back, and combines a nice twist. Move-It Monday~Yoga Pose: Head to Knee Forward Fold (Janu Sirsasana) Difficulty level: Easy Benefits Stretches the waist, spine, sidebody, low back and hamstrings Strengthens the low back Begin in [...]

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