I did it It’s a rite of Spring in Chicago, and last weekend I did it!  I ditched the tights or hose and went bare legged with a dress.  I was getting ready for church, and I have to admit, that seemed like A LOT of bare skin staring back at me!

Did the warm weather last weekend in the Chicagoland area have you pulling out your shorts and sleeveless tops?  Were you doing a bit of a happy dance when you slipped those clothes on because they fit well and felt good?  Or was the experience a reality check that those resolutions you made back in January were not working out?

Don’t succumb to “all or nothing” thinking—one of the main culprits when clients struggle with change.  Instead, pick one of these Easy Steps to Success to incorporate this week.  When that becomes a habit, add another.  And when that becomes a habit, add another.   And another.  Until you find that you are back living a healthier lifestyle that is paying off not only in showing all that skin this summer, but feeling great about it-inside and out.


See your goal.  Define your goal precisely.  Pick visuals that inspire you, and surround yourself with them!

Understand what will help you achieve that goal and what will not.  Lose the good/bad thinking and go for the powerful idea of helpful/unhelpful choices.  When you make a proactive choice to take an action that will empower you, it feels SOOO good, and sets up a chain reaction of powerful, positive choices.  When you choose to indulge, do so not to “be bad” or “because you deserve it”.  You do not deserve to feel guilty for “cheating” or have to justify choices.  Understand why you are making the choice (maybe this indulgence will help you say no to a bigger indulgence later, etc.) and enjoy the moment.

Curiosity.  Investigate new foods, new activities.  Try a new workout time, workout partner.  Pick one thing you could do differently and “try it on for size”.  Don’t like it?  Move on!

Chill!  A healthy lifestyle is NOT a short term goal, so practice being kinder and gentler.  Encourage yourself by “talking” to yourself the way you would your best friend or a dear family member.

Edge.  What’s the one thing you can do today that will give you an edge towards reaching your goal?  Do that.  Do it well.  Accept that this one thing is enough for today and embrace it.

Set the stage for your success.  Have healthy meals and snacks planned, making it less likely that you will succumb to last minute (often read:  high cost, high calorie) drive through or restaurant options.

Smile!  Enjoy YOUR journey.


“Success in Life is about focusing on your goals

while enjoying your journey.”


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To Your Good Health,


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