So, how are you feeling?  

The holidays are over; how did you do?

Did you enjoy your holidays


keep your health and weight loss goals in place?

If so–YEAH!

What helped you stay on track?

 If not, what derailed you?

What do you wish you had done differently through the holidays?

DO you remember what you had for dinner last night?  Neither do I!!

So, don’t rely on your memory for success NEXT holiday season!

Take a moment RIGHT NOW to write a letter to yourself…

It doesn’t need to be long…

Celebrate what went well…

Strategize what didn’t go quite as well with suggestions for Holidays 2017…

THEN, as you put away the holiday decorations,

tuck the letter into one of the boxes where you will find it next year.

Remember the definition of insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?  YOU ARE NOT INSANE!  So, don’t count on your memory or “winging it” next year.  Instead, pay forward a bit of earned wisdom from this holiday season!

Need some help getting back your focus or just ready to ROCK 2017 and make your weight loss goals happen?  Let’s connect for a free strategy session!