December Daily Tips #26 & #27–No Such Thing As Failure

OK, I cheated–these two are so important to your long term success that I want you to think of them together.  Those of you who have worked with me know exactly where these tips are headed just from the title of the post–it’s one of my favorite sayings that not only applies to building a healthy lifestyle in terms of eating and exercise, but also in terms of life in general:

There is no such thing as failure–only feedback!

1.  Tune into your body and determine the feedback you received over the last few days.  What  strategies you used worked well?  What didn’t?  Why?  How is your body feeling today?  How are your clothes fitting?

2.  Without using judgment (I never, I always, I was bad, etc.) brainstorm ideas for how you might be closer to the goal you had set for yourself over the holidays.  Between now and New Years’ Eve we’ll look at ways to be prepared for your success in the New Year!