December Daily Tip #29~Choose to Move

You may feel like you’re crazy busy and on the go, but unless you’ve got a fitness tracker or a trainer to prove it objectively, chances are you don’t move enough.  Almost all of us OVERESTIMATE our movement and UNDERESTIMATE our intake which EQUALS WEIGHT GAIN.  Great example from Christmas Eve:  I’d been (very happily) running around cooking and entertaining all day~but my fitness tracker told the truth:  I’d only gotten in 7,000 of my 10,000 step goal!

 You may not have the time for your usual workouts, but make the time to fit in short segments of movement throughout your day.  Walk the dog instead of opening the door and begging them to go out alone in the cold, take the kids or grandkids to sled down a hill, watch a “guilty pleasure” television show while walking on the treadmill, take a new class you’ve been intending to sample with family members who are game to try something new…what other ideas can you come up with?

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