December Daily Tip #25–Anchors Aweigh!

For many of us today, December 25th, is the food culmination of the holiday season.  We’ve been learning about and incorporating healthy tips all month, and we want to enjoy today without undoing all of those small successes, right?   One very important tool for many clients is their anchor.  An anchor is an item that ties you to past successes and strengths–something that can help you (when the moment is stealing your resolve away) to remember your strength, your goals, and the feelings that those goals will bring.

Some examples?  If married, many choose their wedding bands–most of us felt particularly hopeful, and particularly confident, on our wedding day.  When we touch our wedding bands we can reconnect with those feelings–and apply them in trying circumstances.  Early on in my weight loss career, I had a pair of pants that a client told me I looked “superb” in!  Believe me, when I needed an anchor I reached for those pants–not only because I felt confident in the fact that they suited me, but also for the very clear memory of the pride I felt in my efforts that would elicit such a comment.  I wanted to make certain I stayed the course!

As you prepare for your day, think about what might serve to remind you of your goals, past success–and help keep you focused.

Like a life raft, let your anchor help keep you afloat today!