December Daily Tip #24–Start Strong!

We’ve all heard our mothers say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; so who am I to argue with your mother?!  Think of a good breakfast as a solid foundation for a day of smart choices.  Start your day with a healthy, delicious breakfast:  look for some protein, some fiber, a bit of lowfat dairy, and fruits/vegetables. Minimize the simple carbs and have some healthy fat.  Need simple ideas? 

* Oatmeal with berries and a splash of milk (I love to use unsweetened vanilla almond milk-yum),

*An omelet with veggies from last nights’ dinner and shredded lowfat cheese and fruit or whole grain toast 

*Whole grain toast with reduced fat peanut butter and fruit, 

*Lowfat greek yogurt with fresh fruit on top–sprinkle a bit of lowfat granola on top for some crunch.