December Daily Tip #21–Fending Off Food Pushers

“Food Pushers”–We all deal with them.  Those folks who find it necessary (or irresistible) to comment on our food and to try to get us to eat just a bit more.  They do this for a variety of reasons–some are loving us with food, some are threatened by our success, some just genuinely don’t understand or cannot fathom why we might turn down the lovely gastronomical pleasures they have created just for us.  And the holidays bring out this tendency to push food in a big way. 

Your plan?  Get ready!  Think about the motives behind your personal food pushers and speak to those motives while you stick to your plan.  If Aunt Cathy only makes this special dessert at Christmas, “I ‘m stuffed right now, but would love to take some home to have when I can truly enjoy it.” may just warm her heart.  Then it is your decision whether to enjoy a controlled portion that fits into your plan, to pass it on to someone else who might enjoy it, or simply to (gasp!) do away with it.

You’ve got this!