December Daily Tip #18–5 Steps to  a Metaplan!

It’s the day before the last weekend before Christmas (I’ll give you a minute to process that!).  Many of the last minute parties will be happening, and final preparations before the holidays.  Some of you are already celebrating Hanukkah facing the challenges of family gatherings and special foods. 

These next two weeks will present most of us with unusual schedules, gatherings, and special foods.  Time to check in with yourself for a heart to heart:  time to develop a metaplan (overall plan) for your approach to the next two weeks. 

1.  Determine your goal for the next two weeks. 

2.  Evaluate the obstacles that might get in the way of that goal.

3.  Brainstorm ways around those obstacles.

4.  Decide on a best-choice plan.

5.  Implement your plan.

If this sounds easier than it feels, contact me!  We’ll do a complimentary 30-minute session to walk you through this and get you set up for success

Let’s ring in the New Year feeling wonderful instead of guilty!