December Daily Tip #17

Build a better pizza.

Sunday night is pizza night at our house, and I know many of my clients enjoy pizza on a regular basis.  Yes you can create a cauliflower crust, no sauce with olive oil and veggies pizza~but you may be the only one who wants to eat it.  For those of you who just thought:  “Where’s the recipe?”, don’t worry~we’ll post that soon.  For those of you trying to please a larger crowd while staying on plan, a few quick changes can reduce the unhealthy fats and oils.  Opt for:

  • Thin, if possible whole wheat, crust.  Or go crustless!  Some restaurants do offer this, and it is often a vegetable based crust.
  • Ask them to go light on the sauce.
  • Choose red sauces over white, or skip the sauce and ask for olive oil instead
  • Ask them to go light with the cheese
  • Choose healthier toppings like Canadian Bacon or chicken instead of pepperoni
  • Pile on the veggies!
  • Enjoy a salad or cup of broth based soup PRIOR to your pizza