December Daily Tip #16–Snack On!

Somewhere along the line many of us have gotten the impression that snacking is not good for us; I disagree with this strategy.  Snacking can be important ally in staying satisfied–which translates to being in control of your food choices.   What is important is that snacking is done in a mindful, intelligent way.  Does this mean you can only have organic carrots for snacks?  Absolutely not!  (My apologies if organic carrots are your favorite treat.)  For the rest–use a few guidelines to choose a snack that will help keep your tummy full and happy while perhaps adding some nutritional value to your day, and minimizing empty calories. 

How to do this?  Choose a snack that is high in fiber, pair it with a beverage and perhaps a protein source.  Some examples:  low fat microwave or airpopped popcorn (high in fiber) with a beverage of your choice, apple slices with cheese, hummus with veggies, lowfat cottage cheese with peaches, 1/2 serving of reduced fat peanut or nut butter with veggies.  The combinations are endless~what’s your favorite?!