OK, yes, I admit that I DID IT!!  I filled a Halloween candy bowl with bite size candy bars as soon as I turned the calendar to October.  Seems harmless, you say, right?  I even put the dish in our living room near our front door (a room that rarely gets used, except for the holiday family gatherings).  However, based on the candy that is being eaten, I can tell you that both my husband and I have been making frequent visits to those cute little ghosties for “just a bite of chocolate” on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, this little candy dish reinforced for me this fall season the fact that I need to remember the tips that helped me lose weight in the first place.

So how to keep the treats in Halloween without tricking yourself into extra pounds?

First, let’s deal with all of the candy floating around:

 Wait to buy the candy “for the trick-or-treaters”.  Even if you stash it in your cupboard, it is there for the taking!  If you wait close to Halloween, you not only circumvent temptation, you may save some money on last minute sales.

  Buy candy you don’t personally like.  When Halloween is over, if there are little ones in your household, help them go through their candy.  Agree on how much candy they can keep, how to make it last (portion control), and what they can give away.

  Yes, give away some of that candy!  Often dentists will collect candy (sometimes even offering the kids a “reward” of some type for helping out).  That collected candy very often gets shipped off to soldiers or other wonderful charities.

If you are one of those folks for whom candy holds no power, there are many adult “treats” lurking out there to sabotage your weight loss efforts this season.  Calling us from the coffee shops are those specialty coffee drinks.  While you may realize that these fall into the treat category, truly understanding the impact on your body with these beverages is important.  For instance, Pumpkin Spice Lattes have been all over the news lately.  Did you realize that a Grande PSL contains 420 calories (as much as 2 average candy bars), contains 52 g of carbohydrates (approximately 2 bowls of cereal), and a whopping 50 g. of sugar ( 2 times the daily amount recommended by the World Health Organization for an entire day)!!  Even if you make it “skinny” by using nonfat milk and no whipped cream, that PSL still 260 calories, 51 g of carbohydrates and 49 g. of sugar!  If you love Pumpkin Spice Latte, but want a healthier version you can make at home any time you want—saving you bucks as well as calories, try this one from Jeanette’s Healthy Living:  http://t.co/ntnQjHEafF .

Feel free to play with your food!  Just like the PSL, if there is something you enjoy and you have been forbidding yourself to indulge…practice either with portion control or playing with healthier versions of the forbidden food.

Surround yourself!!  Set up an environment in which you cannot help but win by enlisting friends, family,  coworkers, that person you always see in yoga class (you get the idea) to make fun and healthy choices.

Enjoy these beautiful autumn days (and nights)!  Cool crisp air with bright sunshine begs for an excuse to go outside.  Walk the dog a bit further, take the kids for a bike ride, enjoy a family pick up football game—think about what activities you will miss when Ole’ Man Winter comes calling, and take 60.

Get your motivation mojo on—set a realistic goal for approaching Halloween, Thanksgiving, the holidays~ and then GO FOR IT.  Create visual reminders that speak to you about your goals.  Remember, as the saying goes, you’re not dieting—you’re just eating and exercising to your goals!

Success in Life is About Enjoying the Journey while Focusing on YOUR Goals!

If one of your goals is to lose those pesky 10 pounds, get unstuck from a plateau you are on, or to rehab a habit you know is getting in your way, join myself and FitRats’ very own Stacey Portugal for a FREE webinar:  The Habit Detectives~coming to your home Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00 p.m.  


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